Must Visit Penang Night Markets

Penang night market

Penang’s night markets are great places to socialize in the relative cool of the evening. These night markets not only offer you a chance to try some of Penang’s famous food, there are always plenty of goods to buy, the variety only limited to the number of night markets you are willing to visit.

These are some of the most popular places to visit in Penang at night, and I have listed my 3 favourites below. I particularly enjoyed Penang’s night food options and I’ll be sure to visit many more on my next visit to Penang

Penang Night Markets

Macallum Street Night Market


Penang night market

Colourful dessert options

This night market’s main attraction, not surprisingly, is the night food. However, it’s not the usual Penang hawker food stalls that dominate, with plenty of other options on offer.

Walking up and down Lintang Macallum 1, you’ll find choices such as flavoured popcorn, waffles, grilled squid, deep fried fish balls and crabs, and barbecued pork.

My favourite place to eat though, was an interesting stall called Mat Toh Yau Dessert, where you’ll find brightly coloured jellies, fruits, and nuts mixed in together to make an interesting and refreshing dessert.

There are the standard non-food stalls offering items such as clothing, sunglasses, and bags, but that’s certainly not the reason to come to this night market.

Macallum Street Night Market, Lintang Macallum 1, George Town. Open Mondays and Thursdays, 6.30pm to 11pm. Note: Monday is the main night.

Pulau Tikus Night Market


Penang Night Market

Penang Night Market

Once the vendors at the day market at Pulau Tikus have packed up for the day, the hawker food vendors appear and set up for the night ahead. It’s almost like having a private Penang food guide with all the famous Penang hawker food on offer.

There are the usual hawker food selections such as char koay teow, fried oysters, chee cheong fun, and the “not-to-be-missed” lok lok, the skewered deep fried meats and vegetables.

As is always the way at night markets, there were a number of satay vendors who served up a medley of “meats on a stick” – one of my late night favourites!

Penang Night Market hawker


Pulau Tikus Night Market, Jalan Pasar, George Town. 5pm to 11pm

Batu Ferringhi Night Market

The night market, that runs along Jalan Batu Ferringhi, stretches for over one-kilometre and is packed with all sorts of handicrafts, bags, wallets, scarves, and other goods normally aimed at tourists.

There are also quite a few original and interesting goods for sale. Don’t forget to bargain.

If you are heading out from your resort to visit one of the many restaurants lining the shore, make sure you take a casual stroll through the market on the way.

Batu Ferringhi Night Market, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Penang. 6pm to 12am


There are many other night markets operating in Penang. A few other Penang night markets to consider:

  • Jelutong Night Market, Jalan Van Praagh, Jelutong. Fridays 6.30pm to 12am
  • Farlim Night Market, Medan Angsana, Bandar Baru, Ayer Itam. Wednesdays 6pm to 11pm
  • Sungai Dua Night Market, Jalan Sungai Dua, Saturdays 7pm to 11pm


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